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Keynote Speakers - Monday, July 5

  Creating a 21st Century Legacy: Modern Day Expedition Artists by Jaynie Martz
  Eye to Eye: Guy Coheleach
  Clouds, Philosophy and Art: Graeme L. Stephens

50 minute Core Talks - Tuesday, July 6 and Wednesday, July 7

  Penguin and Puffin Coast : Illustrations for the Saint Louis Zoo - Jennifer Fairman
  Cross-sections, Cutaways, and Computers- Intro to 3D - David Fierstein
  Quick, Easy & Fun Creating Digital Video With iMovie & Macintosh For The Natural Science Illustrator - Donald Gambino
  Creating Specimen Reference Photos with Reduced Distortion —Theophilus Britt Griswold
  Web Portfolios: Science-art.com - Britt Griswold
  The History of Zoological Illustration —Nancy Halliday
  A Move Towards Time-Based Illustration - Frank Ippolito
  Developing Dynamic Composition —Frank Ippolito
  Dynamic Presentation Graphics Lana Johnson
  Soul of Sketchbooks: Show and Share —Kristine Kirkeby and Gretchen Halpert
  Basic Color Management Techniques (using Photoshop) —Larry Lavendel
  Learn From My Mistakes: An Educational DVD Project —Helen Macfarlane
  Painting Wildlife in Watercolor—Peggy Macnamara
  Scientific and Forensic Sculpture —Gloria Louise Nusse
  Photography: From the Field to the Board —John Orehovec
  Paper Sculpting as Scientific Illustration —Scott Rawlins
  Making a Pastel Surface and Initial Acrylic Underpainting —Patricia L. Savage
  Scratchboard: The Unforgiving Art Form —Francis E. Sweet
  Refining the Image and Adding Visual Flare—Gene Wright
Panel Presentations
  Business Focus, Part 1; Business Roundtable
Taina Litwak (moderator), Sally Bensusen, Paul Mirocha, John Norton
  Business Focus, Part 2; Pricing Clinic
Taina Litwak (moderator), Sally Bensusen, Paul Mirocha, John Norton
  Earth Wind & Fire: The World of 3D Terrain Rendering
David Fierstein, Britt Griswold, Frank Ippolito, Amelia Janes
Level: Intermediate
  Paleotalks - Mary Parrish (moderator), Karen Carr, Britt Griswold, Mark Klingler, Greg Paul, Chris Sloan, Alice Tangerini
  Illustrating Science in the Computer Age - Chris Sloan
  The Science of Dinosaur Art: Advances and Problems —Gregory S. Paul
  Digital Media and Natural Science Illustration —Karen Carr
  Bringing Eocene Primates Alive! —Mark A. Klingler
  Reconstructing Plants from 2D to 3D: Applying Modern Botanical Illustration Techniques to Fossil Plants —Mary Parrish & Alice Tangerini