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Annual Members Exhibit

July 1 - September 7
Virginia Living Museum in Newport News, Virginia

This year’s exhibit will be prominently featured in VLM’s newly constructed $22.6 million dollar expansion. Two-story, glass-covered walk-through habitats will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural environments of a cool moist Appalachian Cove, complete with waterfall and free-flying birds, and a southeastern Cypress Swamp, with massive cypress tree trunks and numerous swamp creatures, including an alligator. ThePiedmont, CoastalPlain, Virginia's World of Darkness and Virginia Underground galleries will feature animals, plants, marine creatures, reptiles, amphibians and birds that are native to Virginia. In addition, an ancient coral reef, a limestone cave and a gem and mineral mine will be a part of the Underground gallery. One of the most dramatic exhibits will be the Chesapeake Bay aquarium. This 30,000-gallon aquarium will have a concave acrylic front that will allow visitors to virtually walk into the exhibit.

Outdoors a 3/4-mile elevated boardwalk loops across Deer Park Lake and around 10 acres of exhibits showing animals such as river otters, beavers, bobcats, red wolves, coyotes and deer in natural habitats. Also on the boardwalk is the Coastal Plain Aviary, a dramatic walk-through aviary filled with coastal birds.

Criteria: Current GNSI members may submit up to 2 samples of their work. 2 X 2 inch slides and JPEGs will be accepted (JPEGs will be composited into a PowerPoint slideshow for the jury, so make your images large enough to look their best on screen. 72dpi, ~10" x 14" (this is a suggested size, not a requirement)). If you are unable to create JPEGs for some reason, send your file on cd and Catherine Miller or Jaynie Martz will do their best to convert it for you.

All slides must be labeled with artist’s name and phone number, title of work and arrow indicating direction of image. The digital files must be good quality JPEG files (uncompressed). CD-ROMs are preferred over floppy disks. Please indicate on the entry form if you are sending the original work or a print. For those sending prints, we would like to know the media and substrate of the original media and substrate. In selecting images to submit please make sure that the slide or JPEG meets the following criteria:

  • In sharp focus (no compression artifacts)
  • Very evenly lit
  • Properly exposed and of good color temperature
  • Art should be square on all four sides (negligible "keystoning")
  • Arrive clean and neat

Slides or digital files not meeting these requirements may be excluded from adjudication. Please note that space is limited to 60 pieces of art so acceptance may be limited to one entry per artist.

All entries must be post marked by April 10th, 2004. Enclose a self addressed, stamped envelope if you wish your slides or disks to be returned, otherwise, slides will go into the GNSI educational slide collection. You will receive notice of the jury’s decision in mid-May 2004.

Entry forms were included in the January newsletter, p.6.

Mail slides and disks to:
Jaynie Martz
307 Hurley Avenue
Newport News, VA 23601

Framing: All artwork must be matted in a simple frame with hanging wire and ready to hang. The frames MUST have security mounting brackets and double wire. (The show will be open to the public and the Museum is very security conscious. Nielson and AMS manufacture acceptable metal security hangers.) Please also attach spacers to the back of the frame to protect frame and wall. The use of non-glare glass or plexi-glass is strongly recommended. Jurors and the curator of the Virginia Living Museum reserve the right to reject improperly framed artwork.

Shipping & Insurance: Please ship your artwork in sturdy boxes and packaging that ensures safe delivery and return. Attach a copy of the entry form on the back of your work. Artists must deliver artwork to Jaynie Martz between June 18th and 28th.

Artists are responsible for insurance and shipping to and from the exhibit. Please include a prepaid return shipping label with artwork. Neither the museum nor the Guild is responsible for damage during delivery of artwork or temporary storage of artwork. WE WILL BE UNABLE TO RETURN ARTWORK UNTIL RETURN SHIPPING IS RECEIVED.