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GNSI 2000 Portugal: International Conference & Annual Meeting July 30 - August 07 2000 in Évora, Lisboa and Sagres, Portugal.


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Title: Stopping Webway Robbery!

On-line Image Protection in the Digital Age.
2000 © Theophilus Britt Griswold

Britt Griswold / Graphics Specialist / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Greenbelt, Maryland USA 20771 / bgriswol@pop200.gsfc.nasa.gov

The advent of global distribution of images over the world wide web provides the artist with great potential for attracting customers; and potential for image theft from any computer across the world. There are 4 basic methods of protecting visual intellectual property when posted on the web. By combining several of these methods artists can limit, but not eliminate, their exposure to image theft.

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