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GNSI 2000 Portugal: International Conference & Annual Meeting July 30 - August 07 2000 in Évora, Lisboa and Sagres, Portugal.

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The Reconstruction of a Painted Wall of
Chauvet Cave (France)

2000 © Silvia Battaglini

Silvia Battaglini / Natural History Museum, Pisa University Via Roma, 79 - 56011 Calci (PI) - Italy

This poster illustrates the work of reconstruction, in real dimensions, of a portion of painted wall of the Chauvet cave. It presents one of the most important testimonies of the glacial era wall art: the paintings, dated back to around 31.000 years, represent one of the most ancient artistic expressions by now discovered. In the portion of the reproduced wall, called "the panel of the horses", have been represented some horses,aurochs, rhinos and a little mammoth. After a brief description of the Chauvet cave and of its important didactic function in the museum, are described the techniques used, the materials, the tools, the coloring methods and the procedures of the pictorial reproduction. Since the last March, the recontruction of "the panel of the horses" is exhibited in the new gallery of the Natural History Museum "Once upon a time ... the man".

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